Don't know a journalist yet?

"It's so rewarding knowing the person behind the story"

As we are all very individual on how we consume our daily dose of information, we highly recommend you get it directly from the person who created it. They often use their own style, new formats and you would be surprised to know how individual they can be in their storytelling. We think journalism should be as individual as yourself and the journalists.

That's why on Jornu you can pick your own team of journalists and find out more about the person and their current projects.

Want to connect to your audience?

"Finally I don't need to worry about where to publish"

Have you ever asked yourself on which site to publish in order to reach your audience? With Jornu you can publish wherever you want and don't need to worry about which place is best for you. You will also be able to send updates about your research directly to your subscribers on Jornu and get actively funded by your audience.

We think this direct connection brings an understanding of the kind of work a journalists does, their expertise and the value they bring to us.